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Survive & Thrive in a Mad World

Navigating a mad world Up is down. Right is left. Forward is backward. And, boy, can it feel like much of the world has tumbled down the rabbit hole into the psychedelic pages of Alice in Wonderland.

When every external touchstone seems to be in flux or to have gone missing entirely, it’s no wonder when you find yourself chasing rabbits and repeatedly asking:




But even in these times, along the most unfamiliar roads and terrain, you still carry THE most powerful and effective navigation device – YOUR inner compass; a device that, if you are willing to heed its guidance, can provide the map and key to lead you from mere survival into true thriving.

Below is a mad Lewis Carroll-esque premise that may just help you keep your head when it feels like REAL Mad Hatters are running amok. The Mad Hatters’ “Hat Dilemma” You wander into an especially wacky patch of mushrooms and feel inclined to try on an odd green and purple-striped hat in an attempt to “blend in” to the crazy environment surrounding you. You discover, however, that this hat is clearly too small, and an uncomfortable headache starts to creep in almost immediately. At that moment, a panel of very Mad Hatters representing different groups approach and ask what is troubling you. You respond: ”Wearing this hat really hurts my head.” They then each feel compelled to share words of advice.

Hatter 1: “Of course it does! That is life and it will always be thus. Wear your hat, buck up, and deal with it like the rest of us!”

Hatter 2 (Who isn’t ACTUALLY a Hatter): “Hats are and always have been THE problem. Hats must be banned, and we shall strive to remove ALL hats from every home, community, city, and country, so that – finally - life will be perfect and world peace will be possible!”

Hatter 3: “Wearing your hat for as long as possible every day actually makes you a better person, and the more suffering and pain you endure, the more valuable you are. If you play your cards right, we may even build a monument to you! Think of the honor that will bring to your family!”

Hatter 4: “I’m sorry to hear that. It must be your karma.”

Hatter 5: “You should seek help and find out the underlying meaning behind why it hurts or if you had a childhood event that triggered it. If you commit to therapy for enough years and dig deep, you may be able to learn to tolerate the pain in time.”

Hatter 6: “Other people have had this experience too! Let’s all wear our hats proudly, form a group, and rant about it together!”

Hatter 7: “Oooh! I see opportunity here! First, we shall proclaim that, “Everyone who is ANYONE wears a painful hat!”, then we will invent & sell premium hat extenders and cushions for a fabulous profit!”

Each Hatter is passionate about his approach. Each Hatter believes that his way is THE way of doing things. Yet, clearly, none of them agree, none of them can truly know what is best for YOU, and frankly, their answers are MAD!

Finally, even though you are a stranger in a strange land, you discern that you can still employ some logic and reason, remember that YOU get to choose for yourself, and that this is indeed YOUR head and YOUR experience. You then reply:

”I’ll just take off this hat and find one that actually fits.”

A shocked silence fills the space. They each look at each other in disbelief! How could anyone dare to simply remove the offending hat and choose a new one! The Mad Hatters turn on their heels and leave in a huff… …But one Hatter seems to hesitate before storming off. As a matter of fact, he eyes you curiously, and after a beat, decides to remove HIS uncomfortable hat. He breaths a great sigh of relief, and just before turning to leave says, “Thank You.”

You smile and realize, perhaps I CAN still be okay in this peculiar place, and even help a few others along the way J. The Bottom Line & Moral of This Story Perhaps it is time to stop looking to a confused and polarized world for direction, and rather, look to your OWN logic, reason, and guidance for what makes sense for YOU?

What if madness exists to ultimately help you decide to seek clarity and reason?

What if instability only helps you get better at focusing on something still… …so you can better enjoy the ride more of the time?

What if you had the solution and a map to guide you all along, but just needed the right key to unlock it?

What if YOUR example of seeing positive results from listening to YOUR inner compass helped others to see that enjoying the journey IS possible – and that it could also be possible for THEM?

And what if, as more individuals find their way, we could ALL build bridges to better days?

Call me mad…

…but I believe that as more of us choose to simply wear the hat that fits, let our inner compasses to be our guides, and act from a place that is clear and aligned, this world would have far less headaches, a lot more tea parties, and maybe – just maybe - humanity could even make its biggest stride toward embracing a truly evolved life. Who


You? -----------------------------------------------------

This article appeared in the August 2020 Issue of Transformation Coaching Magazine.

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