Powerful Creators - AKA "Sensitive Creatives"

A unique mix of passionate, deep-feeling souls ("Highly Sensitive People") and Creatives.

About HSPs (Highly Sensitive People)

We are powerful peeps who feel and process life with great intensity, passion, and depth. We want our interactions to be authentic and meaningful, as true connection and having a place that feels like "home" - a place where we can feel safe, free to "be," and be able to fully express & receive love - REALLY matters to us. We are sensory-driven creatures who are highly moved by what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, and having access to beauty in some form is like oxygen for us.


Many of us are introverted, but have found it's still helpful to socialize with our tribe.  Some of us have an extroverted side & really enjoy the buzz of a happy crowd, while others prefer to take our interaction in smaller doses.


We really like to be kind & respectful toward others, and often gravitate toward opportunities to help or inspire our fellow humans in some way, because many of us have been deeply touched by the kindness of others & we really like the idea of "paying it forward." Because we care SO much, we can "over-give" and for this reason, alone time, self-care, and recharge time is essential.  Many of us benefit from some degree of structure and like to plan and be prepared.

Our Superpower:

We can experience joy & passion at a level and depth that is beyond that of most mere mortals, we ARE love in action, we are the HEART of the world, and when we turn our powerful focus in the direction of what we WANT, we are among THE most powerful manifestors on the freakin' planet!

About Creatives

Freedom to BE and express is our #1 value.  We tend to be rebels at heart, and the phrase "think outside the box" was indeed inspired by us!  We love color, variety, and having options, but hate to feel trapped or limited in any way.  We are leaders and inventors who see things differently, who like to ask "what if?", and who can be bold and courageous in how we live life.


Many of us are extroverts who enjoy applause in some form or fashion, but a true creative thrives when in a state of flow - with or without an audience.  Introverted creatives can also tend toward the more analytical side of the equation and like having a system of some kind in place as a jumping-off point, but revel in taking things to a whole new level. Our intelligent, curious minds paired with some degree of sensitivity drives our creative process.


Our Superpower:
We are resourceful visionaries and innovators who see beyond the monochrome, and who are not afraid to express ourselves!  When we are in a state of flow, magic happens and mountains move!

The Bottom Line

When these two aspects combine to work in harmony, POWERFUL CREATORS have the greatest capacity to experience true joy, are master manifestors, and are THE greatest force for change and innovation on this planet!  In short, WE are the ones we've been waiting for!





Allowing, in its simplest form, is all about being in a position of flow to be able to RECEIVE well-being and LET good happen.  Often humans get so caught up in trying to MAKE things happen that they unknowingly introduce all manner of resistance that takes its toll on mind, body and soul. And by moving "barefoot, uphill in the snow" through life, you actually can get in your own way and greatly slow down the process of realizing what you truly want.  This is why we place such a strong emphasis on helping you tune in to what feels best to YOU, to discovering your personal path to well-being, and to helping you create a more consistent state of being that is conducive to clarity, focus, and excellence.

We believe that doing all you can to think, speak, and act in a way that is in harmony with YOUR personal integrity, paired with remembering the "BPI" (Big Picture Intention = cultivate greater self-love & respect while ENJOYING the journey of becoming more), is the secret to seeing your visions come to fruition, to truly thriving, and to fully living life on FIRE!

...And every time you - or anyone on this planet - allows true success and lives a life of true well-being, joy, love, and abundance, you get to be a light in this world to show others what could be possible for them!  And, by the way, when you are truly abundant, healthy, happy human being who HAS something to give, you just cant help but want to share the wealth and "give back" to the people you love AND to humanity!  Talk about a win-win!! 



Contrary to popular belief, Law of Attraction isn't something you DO or a fad diet of the moment, it is a force, much like gravity, that is solidly and eternally in place.  Whether you're seen the movie, "The Secret," have read the gazillion books and sacred texts that cover this topic, or have simply witnessed the result of "cause and effect" in your own life, truly understanding how to work WITH it, is the ultimate life game-changer.  Intentions and visions boards are one of the MANY ways people attempt to work with Law of Attraction, but many find frustration with this process when they just don't seem to make progress.  The essence of Law of Attraction is: You attract what you focus upon, but when you delve deeper to discover that there is FAR more to the attracting equation that meets-the-eye, that's when life gets magical!

Humans attract gifts and opportunities into their lives EVERY day, but you can't see, embrace, and enjoy them when you're looking the other way! That's why we place our strongest emphasis on the part of the equation that is all about actually RECEIVING the good you've been asking for = Allowing YOUR Success!



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Terez Firewoman is a Catalyst for fab-YOU-lous and:

-Singer-Songwriter, Recording/Performing Artist
-Keynote Speaker, Author, Writer
-Content Creator
-Workshop Facilitator
-Adventure & "Savor-Vacation" Facilitator & Host
-Voice-Over Artist & MC
-Allowing YOUR Success! Coach
-Certified "Belly Core Fitness" Instructor
-Percussionist and Drum-Circle Facilitator
-Branding Specialist & Entrepreneur
-Visionary & Renaissance Woman
-Human-BEING on a Journey

Terez (aka Thérèse Tami Romano Hartmann) The Human Being:

A Personal Note...

Though we all have our various titles, credentials and roles, the first and most important aspect of living life on FIRE is to remember that you were born valuable and worthy, and are a work of art EXACTLY as you ARE.

Like other sensitive creatives, I was also born feeling & processing life in "ultra HD," and was often told that I was "too sensitive" or that my thinking and style of living was too "outside the box" to truly excel in relationships, business, or even LIFE itself. So I did what many sensitive creatives do: I decided to "man up," dial myself down, keep many of my true feelings under wraps, and proceeded to study and follow more "mainstream" people and paths for success.  Through raw determination, I could eventually "get it done," but I found that "it" often came with great cost to my body, mind, spirit, and soul.

No matter what I did to try to diminish my flame or "fit in," I found, time and time again, that my fire for life and need to live fully and authentically simply could not be contained - and one day I decided that my ability to love fiercy and deeply, paired with the constant flow of creative ideas that came to and through me, was a GIFT...

...And that it was high time to embrace my true nature without apologies!


During the next few years after, I made three pivotal decisions:


1. I quit a great paying job I didn't love, to open myself up to the possibility of creating a music-based income, and - though I had NO idea of what this could look like - I would keep my mind open to the possibility that I could somehow merge my love of music with my desire to inspire and empower others.


2. I decided that I would no longer settle for less than what I TRULY wanted in a romantic parter - and that if my "soulmate" was on this earth, he would love and celebrate me EXACTLY as I am.


3. I recognized that I was indeed a powerful creator who could channel my innate superpowers to live an extraordinary life - on my terms.

Fast forward to today, and I can honestly say that I am truly proud of the dynamic & expansive career & life I have created in both the music and self-empowerment industries, the incredible adventures I've been able to experience, the magical relationship that spans over 20 years with the amazing man who loves and celebrates me EXACTLY as I am, the human being I have - and will continue to - become, and that the fire of love, energy, light, passion, and authenticity of "Firewoman," can be felt & has the power to positively impact even one soul sharing in this crazy, colorful trip around the sun.

Terez Firewoman Music Bio

There are two things that ignited the fire of all Terez "Firewoman" does today: Music and Love. And it was indeed her love of music that has led her to all she truly, madly, deeply values in her life.

Her mom likes to say that she started singing and creating music before she could speak, always having some kind of melody in her head and discovering new ways to express it.  If there was a dashboard, counter, or drum to bang on, a piano to noodle upon, or any type of sound-making device within reach, Terez would surely get her hands on it, and some sort of music-like (and often more noise-like <lol!>) sound would ensue. If there was music playing anywhere at any time, wild horses could not stop her from moving some part of her body, or singing or humming along.  No matter where Terez was or what she was doing, Terez heard the music playing both around and within her, so she knew that music would always have to be a part of her life - no matter what.

After spending virtually all of her grade school, high school, and many of her college years in musical theater, and later enjoying over 20+ years (and still going!) of working with several outstanding bands and musicians covering hard rock, jazz, R & B, blues, standards, old-school funk & soul, high-energy dance-pop, Latin and country music*, the original music melodies swimming in Terez's head only became more and more, and she knew she simply had to find a way to translate these ideas into tangible, playable, hearable reality.  So in approximately 2001, Terez started sitting down at a piano for extended periods, started picking up a guitar, and slowly but surely started to discover her own musical voice, which continues to evolve to this day.

There are many artists and genres that have influenced Terez Firewoman's signature writing, vocal and performance style over the years, so the best way to bottom-line her identity as an artist is to say that all she writes and presents carries with it:

  • The fire of rock-n-roll

  • The raw expressiveness of blues, R & B, and soul

  • The varied textures of jazz & international music

  • The honesty of country

  • A "good vibe" angle and empowered take on life


...And as a certain "Muppet" character would say, "Drums! Drums! DRUUUMMMS!!!"

The Bottom Line: 

Music is the air Terez Firewoman breathes, the very blood that runs through her veins, and something that permeates ALL she does.  Creative expression is her operative term and music is her instrument of choice, and to her, every book, course, workshop, retreat, speaking engagement, dance class, and ALL that she hosts or creates are just different ways to express the fire of the music in Terez Firewoman's soul. :)

Terez Author/Speaker & Beyond Bio

As far back as she can remember, Terez had a passion for inspiring others to discover and remember their own joy, power, and inner fire.  It began with going out of her way to offer a smile and do what she calls "drive-by light-ups" (sharing sincere complements or words of encoragement with "strangers"), and every time Terez saw a spark ignite in the eyes of a fellow traveler, she knew that this was one of the things she was meant to do with a great portion of her time on planet earth.

When Terez first became an entrepreneur and launched her initial brand, "Rock My Spirit!" in 2005, and then later, her Law of Attraction-based "Heart-Centered Business Networking," template in 2006, she had always felt that these were only a tiny tip of the iceburg - that there was something more calling her, but I had not yet been able to put my finger on it.  Yes, she was having a ball speaking, hosting positive-focused networking groups, sharing my orginal music and writing for local magazines.  She even managed to get nominated for Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year, receive a "Dream Achiever" award, and a "Moxy Woman" award, but when the big "A" (Allowing) (-->LINK TO "Allowing" above) concept really clicked for her, she knew that this was indeed the missing piece that she had been seeking.  So in 2010, "Allowing Your Success! & Beyond, LLC" was born, and a whole new way of living and doing business became her reality.

Author/Speaker & Beyond Client List & Credentials


"Dream Achiever" Award, 2006

"Moxy Woman" Award, 2008

Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year Nominee, 2007

Amazing Woman of the Year, 2018/19


Allowing Your Success! Author
Transform Your Life, Contributing Author
Transform Your Life Book Two, Contributing Author


Transformation Magazine & Transformation Coaching Magazine, monthly contributing writer since 2012
Lead Toward Happy Magazine, featured article
Event Guide Tampa Bay, featured articles

Content & Course Credits

Law of Attraction & Allowing Your Success Master Class
Instructor & Content Creator

Law of Attraction & Allowing Your Success Life Coach Certification Course
Instructor & Content Creator

Survive & Thrive as a Sensitive Creative Type - series (currently in development)

All Content for "Good Vibe Fire Tribe" YouTube Channel

Speaker/Presenter/Workshop Facilitator Credits

Progress Energy Center for the Arts,
Women Taking Care of the World Conference
Keynote Speaker & Musical Performance

The Amazing Woman/The Amazing Woman Success Network (multiple events)
Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances

The Safety Harbor Library (multiple events)
Workshop Facilitator/Presenter & Musical Performance


Xerox Tampa
Keynote Speaker & Musical Performance

Suncoast Solutions National Users Conference
Keynote Speaker & Musical Performance

FNI Tampa Bay
Keynote Speaker & Musical Performance

Transformation Publishing (multiple events)
Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performance

Carnival Cruise Lines
"Networking on the Water" cruise
Keynote Speaker, MC, Event Coordinator,
Musical performances


Serenity Now
Workshop Facilitator


UU of Clearwater & Tampa
Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances


Temple of the Living God, St. Petersburg
Workshop Facilitator & Musical Performances


The Village Mystic
Workshop Facilitator, Musical Performance

Retreat Facilitator, Event & Travel Coordinator, and Destination Music Performance Credits:

Carnival Cruise Lines "Networking on the Water" cruise
VIP Retreats - "Allowing Adventures! (TM)" & "Savor Vacations (TM)" in:

Sedona, AZ (multiple)

Asheville, NC

Santa Fe & Taos, NM

Gulf Beaches, FL

Kauai, HI (October 2015)


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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.