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Did you know that studies have shown that humans are 65% more likely to follow through after committing to another person and 95% more likely to follow through when you have a specific accountability appointment with someone you’ve committed to?!

Increase your productivity, focus, resilience, and ability to complete what truly matters to YOU with one of our coaching programs.

Can you relate?

  • Are you are struggling with moving past grief, anxiety, depression, or just feeling stuck or your life?

  • Do you find yourself starting something but then fizzling out, losing interest, or lacking in follow-through?

  • Are you a Life Coach, Leader, or Mentor who would like support for staying on track with your big dreams & visions? 

  • Do you feel that there is MORE to life and YOU, yet something seems to keep sabotaging any real breakthroughs or progress?

  • Have you been affected physically, emotionally, or financially by the massive changes brought on by Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, polarized politics, or the death or illness of a loved one?

  • Are you a newly certified Life Coach who would like the opportunity to see a program "fleshed out" to help yourself fine-tune and better serve your clients?

  • Are you fighting with everything you have to keep your head up to try to keep moving forward in your life?

  • Have you experienced a change in where or how you live & work, or how you earn income?

  • Have you been through a divorce, a painful break-up, or are recovering from a toxic relationship?

  • Has it become incredibly hard or even impossible to keep your commitments and promises to others and yourself?

  • Are you tired of just repeating the same “loop” over and over and want to break free?

  • Are you tired of just drifting through life and want to have a solid sense of direction and a way to get to where you TRULY want to go?

​​At one point, I found myself experiencing EVERY one of these challenges.


There were times when I felt like I would NEVER feel okay and again and never get back to moving forward to doing the work I truly love and that I know I was born to do.
For those of you who have read my book, taken my courses, attended my retreats, experienced a live music performance, or have ever been around me, this may seem like total BS, but the truth is that after being stuck in a loop with my family over several years and then having 100% of my life revolve around caring for 2 family members (with only my husband to help – who, by the way, was doing all he could to manage HIS extreme worry about my well-being), practically living in the hospital to support my brother during life-threatening complications that occurred from his cancer treatments, feeling extremely isolated and alone, and being in an “on-call” state of high alert for over a year, my mind, body, and spirit broke.

Even with everything I understood and the things I taught with utter passion, none of this was a match for the very REAL trauma I experienced on every level, so I knew that if I was ever to get back to moving forward in my health, finances, career, relationships, and LIFE, I had to make some changes.

Fast-forward to today and I am proud to say that my health & high energy has returned, I’m creating and profiting on a regular basis, I’m able to follow through and complete the things that matter to me AND enjoy the journey, I’m living in a state of healthy, dynamic balance, all feelings of isolation have been replaced with a sense of love & community, and JOY – which started to feel like a fairy-tale, hazy memory - is again a part of my every-day life.


And if you were to ask me when I was living in the middle of the sh!t-storm where every day felt like a recurring nightmare if ANY of this could be possible, I probably would have laughed, cried, or felt angry, as even the possibility of the reality I am living NOW, felt like an outright LIE.

Some of the things that started me on the journey that led me HERE, were:

1. Getting to a point where I finally said, “Enough is enough!”

2. Letting myself reach a point of being OPEN and WILLING to explore new paths and ideas

3. Getting over myself and reaching out for help when I truly needed it

4. Getting into MOTION both mentally AND physically


But THE thing that changed EVERYTHING for me?
= Accountability, Support & a REAL Sense of Community.


I have always been a strong, self-motivated individual, but when I started sharing my weekly goals & intentions with people I love and trust - who ALSO were committed to moving forward - my productivity and ability to follow through increased by LEAPS and BOUNDS - even during times when things were still FAR from perfect, life was still in flux, and challenges were still in progress!

Those of you who also understand the Law of Attraction know that (trauma or not, justifiable circumstance or not), the LOA does NOT take a holiday.  So having compelling reasons to be able to focus FORWARD in constructive, productive, life-giving ways, is ESSENTIAL in order to:

  • Shift your Point of Attraction

  • Elevate your vibe (AKA "Life Zone")

  • Start you on a path of attracting and allowing the GOOD that life wants to share with you - and that you so truly, deeply deserve.

The Bottom Line: The more "checkpoints" you create for yourself to focus on what you CAN do and what IS working, the faster you can turn things around, ignite your inner fire, and start attracting GOOD stuff - for the benefit of ALL.

With all this being said, I have a passionate desire to share THIS message with YOU:


  1. No matter what you’ve been through or are currently experiencing, there IS a way forward.

  2. Things can and will change for the better if you are open and willing to get into motion & work consistently to shift your Life Zone & vibe.

  3. You do NOT have to go through years or months of misery, suffering, trial & error, before feeling better or still not having clarity about what you REALLY want in life.

  4. You do NOT have to do this alone.


And when I realized all of this, that is when my story changed and I got back to moving FORWARD to truly living Life on FIRE.

Ready to move forward and kick your productivity, focus, and ability to attract and allow YOUR success (aka well-being, abundance, love, and joy) into high gear?


Join our next GROUP COACHING adventure


Reach out to work
with a real, flesh-and-blood human being who has been there and would be deeply honored to help YOU move forward and allow YOUR success - on YOUR terms.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Did you know that studies have shown that humans are 65% more likely to follow through after committing to another person and 95% more likely to follow through when you have a specific accountability appointment with someone you’ve committed to?!

Increase your productivity, focus, resilience, and ability to complete what truly matters to YOU with one of our coaching programs.

Join the Authentic Relationships Revolution and be a part of our next Group Coaching adventure!

Here's how it works:

1. 1X/Month Small Group Zoom on the first Tuesday of the Month

One evening a month:

  • We start out with intention and focus

  • We focus on a topic of the month

  • I share helpful insights & stories

  • I share 1-3 tools: You choose the one that works best for you and work with it for 30 days

  • Participants share their top success items for the week

  • Participants share questions/challenges

  • We jam out to our GROUP THEME SONG!

  • We close with clear intention and leave in an elevated, high-vibe state of mind

If you travel/miss a night, no worries! The monthly sessions will be available for replay

2. Weekly, Members-Only Facebook Group Check-Ins

  • Everyone shares their top 5 success stories for the week

  • I share additional videos & inspiring content

  • The opportunity to build relationships with fellow like-minded, positive-focused individuals


3. All Group Coaching Members members receive:

  • Three months of Group Coaching & Support

  • Real-time NEW & expanded tools or new ways of working with tools not shared in my courses!

  • Specialized forms and worksheets to help you to stay on track & keep moving forward

  • ​Specialized daily affirmation audio to help you start your day moving forward

  • ​A special graduation bonus!

  • ​Bonuses, upgrades, and happy surprises throughout your journey with me!

Group Coaching - PLUS

Enjoy ALL of the benefits of GROUP COACHING
PLUS One-on-One/Individual Coaching!


Add on 1hr/month ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Sessions

with me to address specific questions & challenges

for Programs & Pricing

One-on-One Coaching

Individual Coaching 

If you prefer a more private, highly personalized, targeted, and exclusive coaching experience that is 100% about YOU, consider One-on-One Coaching.

All of my One-on-One Coaching programs include:

​1. A 1X/Month "Deep-Dive" Session (via Zoom) of up to 90 minutes

2. Weekly 30-minute "Success-Fests" (via Zoom or convenient "Marco Polo" app sessions)

3. Ongoing accountability check-ins

4. Targeted tools specific to your current life moment & intentions

5. Forms for a fabulous focus to keep you on track

6. An intention/Mastermind Partner

7. Access to customized tools for:

  • Moving Onward, Upward & Forward

  • Manifesting/Law of Attraction & Allowing Your Success

  • Allowing True Love

  • Allowing Well-Being

  • Allowing Abundance

​8. Bonuses, Upgrades & Happy Surprises!

Individual Coaching Rates



The FIRE Package:
$600/Month ($200/HR) for 6 Months+ Program
=18 hours+ of coaching, based on 3 hours/month
BONUS: SAVE $ when you pre-pay!

The FLAME Package:
$750/Month ($250/HR) for 3 Months+ Program
=9 hours+ of coaching, based on 3 hours/month
BONUS: SAVE $ when you pre-pay!

The SPARK Package:
$900/Month ($300/HR) for 1 or 2 Month Program
=3 to 6 hours of coaching, based on 3 hours/month

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