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Did you know that studies have shown that humans are 65% more likely to follow through after committing to another person and
95% more likely to follow through when you have a specific accountability appointment with another person?!

Increase your productivity, focus, resilience, and ability to complete what truly matters to YOU with one of our coaching programs.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching 2024

Work with Law of Attraction
To Manifest, Attract, and Allow
Abundance, Love, and Well-Being

Keep Moving Onward, Upward & Forward
to Live, BECOME, and Manifest
MORE in 2024!

In today's crazy world, staying in a more consistent, high-vibe state of mind can often feel next to impossible.

Even those of us who "know this stuff", including leaders, coaches & mentors who actively work with clients, can buy into our own bogus mind-stories and mass consciousness dystopia…

…But meeting regularly with a like-minded, good vibe tribe who are committed to moving forward, remembering who they truly ARE, and who know how to work WITH Law of Attraction to hone their focus and ALLOW success, is one of THE best ways to keep moving forward, feed the good that IS, and be a true influencer of posibility and positive change in this world during a time when it is needed most!

  • What if THIS could be the year for new, tangible motion forward?

  • What if THIS could be the year that you truly CAN keep your promises to yourself – and that you discover that doing this is actually FAR easier than you ever realized?

  • What if THIS could be the year that you actually get to know (and perhaps even love) the REAL YOU and are able to move beyond the noise of distraction & inner fears to connect with your true soul’s calling?

  • What if THIS is the year to get crystal clear and actually take very real steps to begin a whole new adventure and chapter in your life?

  • What if THIS is the year you actually remember how powerful you truly ARE and marvel at what you are able to accomplish, manifest & allow in your life?

  • What if?...

If you are ready to move Onward, Upward & Forward, beyond past challenges or the past version of you to create and embrace the state of BEING and LIFE that has been calling you:

CONTACT US for the next Group Coaching & Magical Mastermind Experience


Why Group Coaching/Mastermind?

As crazy as it sounds, studies have shown that humans are 65% more likely to follow through after committing to another person and 95% more likely to follow through when you have a specific accountability appointment with someone you’ve committed to!

In a perfect world, we all have the potential of being fully self-directed and vigilant about moving forward, but in today’s modern world where we are bombarded by more distractions and constant challenges than EVER before, having a wing-man/woman, accountability partner, or like-minded group to encourage and support your progress can make ALL the difference in ensuring you actually take the next step, keep your focus in a healthy, productive place, and remember that you don’t have to do this alone…

…As a matter of fact, THE most successful leaders, celebrities, life coaches, and change-makers often credit much of their ability to keep going and realize their dreams to working with a mentor, coach, think tank, mastermind group, or accountability partner!

In my own experience, even though I have always been a strong, self-motivated individual, when I started sharing my weekly goals & intentions with people I love and trust - who ALSO were committed to moving forward - my productivity, ability to follow through, and magical manifestations increased by LEAPS and BOUNDS - even during times when things were still FAR from perfect, life was still in flux, and challenges were still in progress!

Those of you who also understand the Law of Attraction know that (difficulty or not, justifiable circumstance or not), the LOA does NOT take a holiday.  So having compelling reasons to be able to focus FORWARD in constructive, productive, life-giving ways, is ESSENTIAL in order to:

•    Shift your Point of Attraction 
•    Elevate your vibe (AKA "Life Zone") 
•    Start you on a path of attracting and allowing the GOOD that life wants to share with you - and that you so truly, deeply deserve.

The Bottom Line:

The more "checkpoints" you create for yourself to focus on what you CAN do and what IS working, the faster you can turn things around, ignite your inner fire, and start attracting GOOD stuff - for the benefit of ALL.

Ready to start moving forward and experience SO much more in 2024? CONTACT US


Who This Group is For:

•    You are open and willing to embrace & discover the next step, your next great adventure, or create a beautiful next chapter of life!

•    You love the idea of being surrounded by positive energy and ideas to help you focus in more consistent constructive, productive ways

•    You are a leader, mentor, coach, artist, parent, or influencer who others look to for guidance & inspiration and want to share your best self with your clients, fans, and the ones who matter most

•    You are coming out of a period of great transition/changes and are ready for a fresh start

•    You want to get to know the REAL you, what ACTUALLY matters to you, and what you TRULY want

•    You want to accelerate your ability to manifest, attract, and allow your dreams, visions & intentions

•    You want to activate the very REAL magic and power of focusing together with a common goal of success for ALL

•    You want to feel less alone, find your tribe, be more connected and feel seen and supported in your journey

•    You’re tired of spinning your wheels, putting in a bazillion hours, sacrificing, suffering, or throwing your life out of balance for minimal results, and want to ENJOY the journey of allowing YOUR authentic idea of success & experience well-being on YOUR terms

•    You know there is MORE that life wants to give you and you’re ready to start RECEIVING!

If this sounds like you, CONTACT US for the next Group Coaching & magical Mastermind Experience!

What Your Experience Includes:

1. A Vibe-Elevating process to start EVERY session with a clear mind and powerful intentions!

2. Seven Magical Thursday Nights @7pm Eastern
with up to 90 minutes of powerful authentic, LIVE content and tools to help you:

  • Get clear about what you TRULY want

  • Actually get into motion NOW and move toward what matters to YOU

  • Discover more about your AUTHENTIC self & desires

  • Work with Law of Attraction to manifest, attract, and allow YOUR success & forward motion

3. Q & A and personal interaction with your hosts + powerful Mastermind “hot seat” experiences

4. High-vibe, loving, supportive, like-minded Facebook Group to help everyone connect and stay focused on moving forward

5. A vibe-elevating closing process to help you continue to move forward with Clarity, Focus and excellence! (We even have a theme song!)

+Replays of all sessions that will be available throughout your time with us (so if life happens & you miss a session, you’ll always have a way of staying connected and continuing to feed your positive momentum and motion forward)

+Beautiful BONUSES, awesome UPGRADES & sensational HAPPY SURPRISES!

Know you can and will benefit from focusing forward?

CLICK HERE to CONTACT US for the next Group Coaching & Magical Mastermind Experience!



Reach out to work
with a real, flesh-and-blood human being who has been there and would be deeply honored to help YOU move forward and allow YOUR success - on YOUR terms.

Group Coaching - PLUS

Enjoy ALL of the benefits of GROUP COACHING
PLUS One-on-One/Individual Coaching!


Add on 1hr/month ONE-ON-ONE Coaching Sessions

with me to address specific questions & challenges

for Programs & Pricing

One-on-One Coaching

Individual Coaching 

If you prefer a more private, highly personalized, targeted, and exclusive coaching experience that is 100% about YOU, consider One-on-One Coaching.

All of my One-on-One Coaching programs include:

​1. A 1X/Month "Deep-Dive" Session (via Zoom) of up to 90 minutes

2. Weekly 30-minute "Success-Fests" (via Zoom or convenient "Marco Polo" app sessions)

3. Ongoing accountability check-ins

4. Targeted tools specific to your current life moment & intentions

5. Forms for a fabulous focus to keep you on track

6. An intention/Mastermind Partner

7. Access to customized tools for:

  • Moving Onward, Upward & Forward

  • Manifesting/Law of Attraction & Allowing Your Success

  • Allowing True Love

  • Allowing Well-Being

  • Allowing Abundance

​8. Bonuses, Upgrades & Happy Surprises!

Individual Coaching Rates



The FIRE Package:
$600/Month ($200/HR) for 6 Months+ Program
=18 hours+ of coaching, based on 3 hours/month
BONUS: SAVE $ when you pre-pay!

The FLAME Package:
$750/Month ($250/HR) for 3 Months+ Program
=9 hours+ of coaching, based on 3 hours/month
BONUS: SAVE $ when you pre-pay!

The SPARK Package:
$900/Month ($300/HR) for 1 or 2 Month Program
=3 to 6 hours of coaching, based on 3 hours/month

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"Getting to Know You" session


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