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Productivity on FIRE!

Harder is NOT necessarily better You’ve read the books. You’ve taken the classes. You acquired the degrees/certifications. You’ve learned all the top social media marketing strategies.  You’ve invested HOURS, MONTHS, even YEARS, and have truly worked HARD. Yet success and abundance can seem like an ever-elusive gold ring that demands more and more from your already full, stretched-to-the-max life…

  • Could it be that you still need to learn that ONE more ultra-skill and THAT will be the magic wand?

  • Perhaps one less hour of sleep every day would do the trick?

  • What if you just need to up your game and call/email/reach out to 100 more people every day?

Humans can be amazing at smiling and using all the best, prettiest words, show up early, stay late, and accumulate enough skills and data equal to a modern-day Library of Alexandria, yet all the dotted i-s and crossed t-s in the world cannot compensate for a funky Point of Attraction.

Even though we truly DO mean well and have been taught that hard work is THE path to success, when the (honest) motivation behind our actions comes from a place of mitigating fear, proving our worth, overcoming lack, “preventing”, “protecting”, or trying to “fix” something that is broken, we actually attract more of THE very thing we are wanting to avoid, and SLOW our productivity to a near-screeching halt.  So when this happens, even the most spiritual person who understands Law of Attraction will surmise that investing more time or working harder must be the answer, and henceforth, an endless loop of HARD and struggle to eek out even the tiniest slice of success ensues. Ick!

BUT - here’s the very GOOD news… The power of ALIGNED action When you are in a state of alignment (feeling peaceful/clear/light) and act from a place of true clarity, focus, and love, the effectiveness of your actions becomes exponential, and the very act of being in motion - with powerful, positive energy fueling your train of thought - actually sends out an all-points-bulletin to summon the people, resources, solutions, and opportunities that you were truly looking for, but perhaps didn’t even know existed! Think of it this way:

When you rely on “required action” alone, it is like filling a giant swimming pool using only a small bucket and a tea spoon.  Yes, you will eventually fill the pool, but it will likely be a miserable, boring journey that may very well take you the better part of your life, and you probably would not have time for much of anything else…

…Which is a BIG bummer and is anything BUT sustainable!

But when you participate in aligned and inspired action, and take the time to tune yourself (raise your vibe) before getting your hands into your work, it’s as if you now have access to a MEGA powerful fire hose that can fill that same pool in record time so you can quickly move on to actually getting to USE and ENJOY the pool (which is THE reason you stated filling the pool in the first place) and…

…Which IS a process that is doable, repeatable, sustainable, and FAR more rewarding! +Fire trucks and firehoses are just plain cool 😉

Like the idea of filling the pool of your life and career with greater productivity?  Consider doing THIS first:

1. When contemplating ANY action, ask THE most important question first: WDYW? (What Do You Want?) For example: -->What are the results you’d like to experience?-How do you want to feel during and after taking that action?

2. Set a clear and conscious intention for the results you WANT to experience. For example: -->BEFORE a group or individual coaching session, I set a clear intention to share the ideal words, stories, and tools that are the most beneficial for THAT group/individual.

-->BEFORE writing an article or content for my courses, I get clear about the overall message I want to share and intend to communicate that message in the clearest, most compelling way possible.

-->BEFORE a speaking engagement or live music performance, I intend to have a great time and perform/share with passion, precision, and excellence.

3. Do whatever you can to raise your vibe before getting started. For example:

-->BEFORE interacting with clients or audiences, I listen to a “good vibe” music playlist with songs that are catalysts for fun, joy, inspiration, and confidence.

-->When meeting with someone I care about, I often take a few moments to think about what I enjoy most about that person or even replay happy memories in my mind.

-->When preparing for an experience that may be especially intense, I go for a walk or spend time in nature first.

4. Identify any and all intrinsic benefits and positive takeaways that will result from your actions, no matter how they play out. For example: (Many of my certified life coaches will recognize this)

-->As a life coach, when I have an initial meet-and-greet with a client, I know for sure that I will come away with getting to know a new human being, will have an opportunity to practice listening & honing my skills, that I will get to send some love to another being, and that I will get to learn something valuable – no matter what.

5. Listen to your Inner Compass/iExpert (aka inner guidance): When you receive a “nudge” to take inspired action – go with it!

-->I can’t even begin to recall how many times I simply followed the call of inspiration to find myself EXACTLY where I truly wanted to be, or ran into something even BETTER than what I had envisioned on a certain subject!  Life is full of magic and when you are open to it, it is astonishing what can and will present itself to you!

The Bottom Line: Productivity on FIRE!

If there is one takeaway I’d like to leave you with, it is this:

-->The ENERGY behind the action is even more important than that action itself…

…and it is the TRUE determining factor for your results.

Even when using a top-notch tool or implementing the ultimate action plan that has been proven to be 100% effective by a zillion experts, when you do this from a place of lack, fear, and obligation - or have not established any true sense of direction/intention - your results will most certainly vary.

BUT doing something for the joy of it, infusing love into whatever you touch, acting from a place of true acceptance/non-resistance – and truly having a clue about the BIG picture of what you WANT to experience - means you get the benefits of enjoying the process, leveraging the infinite power & resources of Life, the Universe & Everything, and actually remembering why you even started the journey to begin with!

Life is SO very precious, friends, so if you’re keen on realizing your dreams and desires, try a little productivity on FIRE!

----------------------------------------------------- Article from the March 2024 Issue of Transformation Coaching Magazine For more tools & insights to experience 'Productivity on FIRE!" visit our "Courses+" page




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