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About the "Coaching the Coach" Series

As a proud ongoing contributor to Transformation Coaching Magazine, over the last several years, I am honored and excited to be able to share a variety of different articles & series including, "Coaching the Coach," a series dedicated to fellow coaches, teachers, leaders, mentors, those who value being of service, or any human being wanting to be of true benefit to humankind.

As we each embark upon the ever-evolving journey of coaching, leading, mentoring, and elevating our fellow human beings using a diverse array of tools, I believe there is a universal, core principle that all great coaches share in common: They embody what they teach and lead by example.

You have chosen this path at a time in history when demonstrating productive authenticity and providing living examples that thriving IS possible has become more valuable than ever before. Along with the incredible opportunities and blessings afforded to us via 21st century technology, you and I, like our clients, are also bombarded by terabytes of data each day that can either move us rapidly toward or away from who we truly are and what we truly desire in a moments’ glance. With this being said, holding the high ground by continually “coaching the coach” to keep your SELF in a space of clarity, focus, and excellence, can and will positively impact more lives that you can possibly imagine!

Whether you have started a new coaching business or have always been in the business of being a catalyst who revels in igniting lives, it is my intention to share words, ideas, stories, and fuel to help you do whatever it takes to BE a light and keep YOUR fire burning bright for the benefit of ALL.

Here’s to allowing YOUR success, living life on FIRE, having the courage and audacity to thrive no matter what, and to helping others claim and express their luminescence so that together we can continue to light up the world!

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