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S. H. I. F. T. Happens: Making the SHIFT to Better & More!

Things truly CAN can change overnight

There is always a way forward, but when you’re in the middle of a “moment” your inner EDQ (Extreme Drama Queen) will often proclaim that all is lost now and forevermore and life if official over <sigh>

…But in all seriousness, yes, life gets REAL, and, yes, you absolutely, positively, definitely, have every right to feel the way you do. But when you remember that all things truly DO pass, and that a SHIFT really IS possible, things really can change as soon as overnight – for example:

Only a few days before writing this, my honey went forward with a much-needed procedure that would alleviate mega daily pain (yay!), but this also came with a financial cost that was significantly higher than what we had expected, even with insurance (yikes!).  To add to my stress, when John’s dad had surgery many years ago, he did NOT make it out, so my inner EDQ was truly fearing (and feeding) the worst-case-scenario, which further disrupted my sleep, weakened my immune system, and led to a case of bronchitis = A viscous gumbo filled with financial-emotional-physical funk to the MAX.

But once I came to my senses and reviewed some of my own tools for allowing abundance & shifting my vibe, a powerful process – actually THE process that I have inadvertently used for over two decades but had not yet “defined”– revealed itself to me.  And lo, and behold:

  • After only a few days, I followed inspired action and have since opened up new streams of abundance

  • I literally woke up the day after going to the doc, and all of my symptoms were gone

  • I discovered yet another new tool to help my mind pivot & feed well-being

…And – thank God, Source, Universe, and EVERYTHING that is – John’s surgery went extremely well and my sweetheart emerged awake, aware, and in good spirits (though a little loopy from anesthesia). He returned home the same day, and was even up and about in less than 24 hours after his procedure!

With this, if you, too, are open and willing to let SHIFT happen, below is THE process & formula that made all the difference for me.*

*By the way, I’ll be sharing this formula in detail with specific abundance attracting tools in my upcoming course, “Law of Attraction: Abundance Simplified.” To be notified when the course launches, reach out to RE: Abundance

The SHIFT Formula is:

  1. Soothe (yourself)

  2. Honor (your feelings)

  3. Interrupt (the pattern)

  4. Feed (possibility & hope)

  5. Thank You! Thoughts

Soothe yourself (Always start here)

When experiences of any kind of challenge those of us who are coaches, mentors & who “know this stuff”, very often we want to jump right back into feeling good STAT – but whether you are talking about brain science or vibrational integrity, you (very literally) simply do not have the same access to thoughts & ideas when you are in a state of resistance (aka, low mood, anger, feeling overwhelmed, hella-stressed/etc.): Flow & harmony are just not a match to noise & emotional dissonance.

THE first order of business before your body & brain are even capable of leading you to any real solutions is to do whatever you can to soothe yourself & find some relief.  Some ideas of what this could look like are:

  • Clear or lighten your schedule for the day

  • Drink LOTS of water

  • Make sure you’re eating food that feels good to your body (including comfort foods you can tolerate well)

  • Spend time in nature

  • Move your body in some way

  • Take any supplements/medicines that can help right now that feel friendly/comforting & safe for your body & mind

  • Watch a movie/show/documentary that feels light/funny & that is totally unrelated to your subject of the moment (shows about travel, cooking, culture, home renovations, music)

  • Nap or meditate

  • Do Yoga or Tai Chi

  • Clean or do yardwork/Get your hands into something that commands your focus & attention

The lighter you feel, the more you are able to see the light (of understanding and clarity).

Honor your feelings (at ANY stage)

You feel how you feel and it’s okay – and even if it’s NOT okay, that’s okay too. 

Granted, it may not be great to become a balling mess in the middle of a coaching session or during a live presentation (on-stage/during a webinar, etc.), but even with the best of intentions, repressing or suppressing negative emotion only ADDS to resistance rather than flow.  Pivot and do what needs to be done in the moment,   but please do give yourself permission to honor your authentic feelings and allow for full “ER” (Express & Release) time as soon as you can step away and be in your own space.

Letting emotions flow can be a powerful step in letting it go.

Interrupt the pattern (ASAP)

Use your logic: How likely are you experience different results when you do all the same things in the same environment, in the same order, with the same state of being & expectations?  In my experience, that has happened exactly ZERO times. 

If you want different results, something needs to change – ideally, your perspective, mindset & beliefs surrounding a subject – but when you are JUST recovering from a funky experience, it may take more than a minute for your world-view to transform.  Why?  There is significant momentum in place and more often than not, because our brains are wired to look for patterns, any data associated with an unpleasant moment (or series of moments) can (for now) still set us off and be an active trigger.

The way to deactivate a trigger in the moment is to activate something helpful: Focus on something else and interrupt the pattern of thought by changing up as much as you can – for example:

  • Alter your routine

  • Walk or drive a different way

  • Change the music or shows you watch

  • Introduce a new/different scent via candle/bath & shower products/perfume or cologne, etc.

  • Meet at a different time of day in different surroundings

  • Wear something different

  • Change your bedding or move the furniture around

  • Interrupt an unhelpful thought but interjecting a helpful, peaceful thought

As silly as this may sound, this simple act of introducing new elements and aspects is much like removing  the dominoes that would normally all just fall together in succession – plus when you interrupt a pattern with the intention of moving toward a light emotional state (vs moving away from/preventing the funky state from happening), you can also activate a new Point Of Attraction and helpful new momentum!

To interrupt something dark, interject something light.

Feed Possibility & Hope (as soon as you feel ready)

Our bodies & minds experience all manner of nuance and changes EVERY single day, and no matter what happened yesterday, there is always a possibility that there can be different factors in play today.  By making a conscious choice to raise your vibe/elevate your emotional state, rather than being stuck in the land of limited choices, you open yourself to new paths of infinite possibilities and solutions!  So, when you feel ready to feed possibility, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Why COULD it be possible to have a different experience today?

  • What CAN I do differently today?

  • What actions CAN I take to feed peace & well-being today?

  • What IS different about today?

Feed what you WANT and do what you CAN, and solutions will soon be close at hand!

Thank you! Thoughts (end here & repeat daily!)

Many years ago, my honey and I were on a road trip to Saint Augustine to stay in our fav BnB.  But back then, we were working with a shoe-string budget (minimal $), had booked the tiniest room on the property, and had planned on doing mostly convenience-store/quick service food because it was what we could afford at the time.  Rather than feed the sense of limitation we had been feeling, a fun idea occurred to me:

What if when we arrive, we are greeted will all kinds of bonuses, upgrades & HAPPY surprises**?!

...And with that thought, I found myself (both out loud and in my mind) saying & feeling, “Thank you!” “Wow! That’s awesome!” “What a beautiful gift!”  Even though I had no idea how or if this could play out, it still felt SO good to connect with these feelings – and because I (and all of us) have been blessed and gifted with many things throughout life, it was very easy to experience the emotion of appreciation & thankfulness.  What happened next simply blew my mind!

**BTW: For those who have followed my work for a while, this was actually THE moment that the concept & phrase, “Bonuses, Upgrades & HAPPY Surprises” was born!

  • When we arrived at the BnB, we were given a complimentary upgrade to the LARGEST and most luxurious room in the inn!

  • When we checked into our room, there was a basket filled with wine and all kinds of gourmet goodies!

  • And when we joined our hosts for breakfast the next morning, we were then invited to have dinner with them at their home – which, by the way, was prepared by a gourmet chef (our hostess) and served with EPIC wine!

  • Plus, we met a beautiful family from England who I still keep in touch with to this day who invited us to stay with them when we make it across the pond!

Needless to say, the words (and feelings associated with), “Thank you!” “Wow! That’s awesome!” “What a beautiful gift!” were literally spoken throughout our time in St. Augustine!

Over almost two decades later, even when I have experienced major challenges, once I make it to this stage in the SHIFT process and focus upon “Thank You!’ thoughts, I have truly been blown away time and time again!

“Thank you!” in advance leads to many happy returns!

The Bottom Line: S.H.I.F.T. Happens - Making the SHIFT to Better & More!

To SHIFT to better and more:

Soothe yourself – The lighter you feel, the more you are able to see the light

Honor your feelings – Letting emotions flow can be a powerful step in letting it go.

Interrupt the pattern – To interrupt something dark, interject something light.

Feed Possibility & Hope – Feed what you WANT and do what you CAN, and solutions will soon be close at hand!

Thank you! Thoughts – “Thank you!” in advance leads to many happy returns!

If there is one final takeaway I’d like to impart to you, it is this:

There is always a way forward, sometimes it just takes a little SHIFT 😊.


For courses, coaching programs, books & more to help you or someone you love, coach, or mentor move forward, visit our COURSES+ page This article appeared in the July 2024 edition of Transformation Coaching Magazine To read more inspiring & uplifting articles, visit:

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