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A Message to Helpers: Dare to Thrive!

Happiness is your birthright?? So many sources tell you, time and time again, that “Happiness is your Birthright,” that you are supposed to be happy, and that you are even the most productive and are of the greatest value to society when you feel good – but how the heck do you get to feeling groovy when it seems like the world around you is constantly tugging at your pant leg saying, “Help me! Help me! Save me! Save me!” How dare YOU have a happy moment or feel good when someone else is depressed, in peril, or in desperate need?

When the voices shouting or crying the loudest are coming from the ones you love, and you’re willing to do practically anything to make things better, isn’t it interesting to see that you just can’t seem to get depressed, angry, or sick enough to help them find their way once and for all?

Yet, at the same time, you also you know in your heart that when your family and true friends (or any human beings, for that matter) are operating from an emotionally healthy, aligned state of being, they would only ever want you to THRIVE and would HATE the idea of you getting sick, destitute and out of whack on THEIR account! So on that note…

…Coaches, mentors, teachers, care-givers, parents, and friends, when you’ve done all you feel you can do to help another human being and have thrown your body, mind, career, relationships, and spirit out of balance for the umpteenth time, there comes a moment when you decide, enough really IS enough.

It’s time for you to take your life back – but not just a minuscule, survival-based life; THE life that made you decide to leave that perfectly cushy cloud in non-physical-land and crunch yourself into a dense, and initially very squishy little body to brave the confines of time and space and allow you to:

-Give birth to ideas, dreams, and goals, and then - day-by-day, step-by-step - marvel as one more piece of the puzzle falls into place until you witness yet another vision come to fruition!

-Enjoy being in a strong, healthy body equipped to savor the deliciousness of physical experience and the wonder of the sights, sounds, tastes, scents, sensations, and magnificent moments this life has to offer!

-Feel tears of joy roll down your cheeks as your heart bursts open!

-Hear the call of the open road, the trail, the waters, and look to the sky to then gaze upon new lands and breathlessly say, “wow.”

-Experience those “butterflies,” then followed by sheer exhilaration then shout, “yes!!!” at the rooftops, jump, dance or fist pump, and crank up the car stereo and sing at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled down because you just can’t hold back the music that is blasting in your soul!!

And because you knew you’d be sharing your 3-D reality with others, you also wanted to be a catalyst for THEIR joy, because when you get to see another sweet soul soar, the party gets even bigger!! But…

…Neither of you ever intended for either one of you to miss out on the magic you came here to experience or to diminish yourself for the other. You would remind each other of the power and light each of you hold and, “teach <each other> to fish” so that you could both eat for a lifetime. You each would not encourage your fellow traveler to make an idol or Source of YOU or have another depend on YOU for sustenance to then interfere with the other ever discovering her/his own strength and abilities; for you knew by doing so, you would deprive your beloved of the exaltation of crashing and burning, but then finding her or his own fire and power within to rise out of the ashes - and stand in the knowing that SHE (or HE) did that!

You did not come here to hide, cower or block out your own light.

You did not come here to be a slave to the world around you.

You did not come here to give up your precious life so that you could teach others to give up their precious lives, so that they could teach others to give up their precious lives…

You came here to create, to challenge yourself, and to THRIVE…

…And so did the ones you love, the ones your serve, and EVERY human being who draws breath upon this planet.

It is time, dear, big-hearted friends and helpers, to get back to thriving and to remember that if it is your work to be part of the journey of seeing another thrive, you will NEVER feel or be made less for it. If you are truly helping, you will know; for your body, mind and spirit will fill you with energy, clear thoughts, and powerful resolve as the other aspects of your life continue to flourish.

Be of service, but remember to first service YOUR spirit by being in a place where you can show up with clarity, focus and excellence.

When you’re with the ones you love, be 100% present, but remember that no one who truly loves you will ever demand 100% of your LIFE.

Be an example of health, wealth, and happiness, so that others can see that it IS possible – and that it may also be possible for THEM.

Misery may love company, but joy and clarity are the only company worth KEEPING.

The Bottom Line: A Message to Helpers: Dare to THRIVE!

Be a lighthouse, my friends – stand firm on the solid foundation that is happy to support YOUR being, then shine and let your fire burn with all your heart…

…and anyone and everyone who is open and willing to make their way safely ashore, will only thank you for being the beacon you ARE.

Dare to be happy.

Dare to THRIVE.

And watch how you CAN and WILL help others remember what it’s like to be fully, truly, absolutely ALIVE.

Burn, baby burn!!!!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This article appeared in the November 2018 issue of Transformation Coaching Magazine. For more inspiring articles & resources by additional fabulous coaches and self-actualization experts, visit:


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