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Muppets, The Rainbow Connection, and Allowing

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

The Rainbow Connection

“Someday we’ll find it The rainbow connection The lovers, the dreamers and me…”

--Jim Henson AKA “Kermit the Frog”

I had not seen “The Muppet Movie” since I was a tiny creature, yet so many songs and ideas from this light, silly, and oft’ campy film, managed to etch their way into my heart.

It’s no surprise that rainbows have always marked significant turning points in my life; even our wedding day brought a magnificent double rainbow, yet for some reason I had not yet fully made the rainbow connection…

As my hubby and I were making our way back to Tampa from Naples, FL, we were treated to yet another one of the many rainbows that seemed to follow us throughout our three-day trip. We had just completed a several-months-long journey to co-creating the “Law of Attraction and Allowing Your Success Master Class*” with Joeel & Natlie Rivera, and at the same time were celebrating the 16th anniversary of “Absolutely Day,” the day my real-life prince charming asked for my hand in marriage. We indeed had just experienced a magical time of just BEING together and were luxuriating in a nice, relaxed state of mind as the sound of the tires on the highway hummed beneath our feet. When I spotted this gentle sprinkling of color on the horizon, John made mention of an idea that prompted me to a powerful new discovery:

“You know how animals have wisdom and ideas to share?”, he said. “I think there is something about rainbows – that there is ‘rainbow wisdom’ that is especially significant for you right now.” With this, I immediately felt myself hearing the song, “Rainbow Connection,” from “The Muppet Movie” in my mind, and started singing it out loud. There were a couple of words that I wasn’t quite sure about, so I then looked up the lyrics. As I read and sang the lyrics, I felt a powerful presence and knowing wash over me and was soon overcome by tears. What was it about a song performed by a Muppet that rocked my spirit to the core?! Perhaps there was more to this rainbow connection…

Muppets and Allowing Success

Jim Henson was one of those brilliant creative lights in the world who loved to demonstrate the power of love, kindness, uplifting others, and the idea of always keeping your dreams and visions alive in every project he touched. His genius lay in transmitting this message in the most light-hearted way possible via a diverse cast of foam, fabric, furry, and feathered messengers you couldn’t help but love. Though on the surface, there were all kinds of “schtick,” gags, and classic caricatures present in his films and the long-running “Muppet Show,” if you were willing to look just a little deeper, there was always a treasure trove of wisdom for allowing success lying in wait to be discovered for all who would have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to feel.

In “The Muppet Movie,” the story begins with the 1979 cast of Muppets sitting in the audience preparing to screen the first-ever showing of their own movie. As film begins to roll, you are then brought into a swamp with our favorite green amphibian friend strumming a banjo and singing “Rainbow Connection.” It is at this point that our hero voices his desire to engage the magic of life and to discover more about what is calling him. His song then calls a catalyst to him who presents an invitation to venture beyond his day-to-day experience. Though Kermit hesitates at first, when this messenger zeros-in on his desire to “make millions of people happy” he is then compelled to go.

As he embarks on his great journey, he meets a silly, soft-hearted bear who is happy to be his “right-hand man” and accompany him, also presenting him with a vehicle to cover more ground. They then (literally) run into “Gonzo,” the eternal optimist, Kermit’s uber-feminine, yet highly capable love interest, Miss Piggy (who even rescues him at one point), a piano-playing dog who helps our hero express himself, and band of colorful musicians (including my favorite crazy drummer, “Animal”) who are indeed highly “instrumental” in helping our hero reach his “destination.”

Throughout his odyssey, he experiences all manner of contrast (and even breaks down in the desert, where he has a pivotal “conversation” with his core self/inner guidance), yet no matter what comes his way, our hero moves forward with an attitude of openness and willingness. Even when faced with what appears to be no way out and even certain death, help always arrives at the perfect time, and the journey continues.

Once our hero and his band of merry creatures arrive at their “destination” and are in the process of bringing their movie to life with all the sets and trappings of show biz, something happens that causes a total breakdown of everything that had been constructed. Yet, in the course of this breakdown, an opening is created in the ceiling of the sound stage and in comes a magnificent rainbow that floods the space and bathes these brave travelers in color. Kermit and his friends have, at this point, come full circle to yet another rainbow and have now discovered that what lies at the end of the rainbow is…


It is here that they sing:

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending Keep believing, keep pretending We’ve all done what we’ve set out to do Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers and you!”

…And in my jeep on the road to home, after revisiting this powerful and unlikely story of a hero’s journey and the “Rainbow Connection,” what do I see, but yet another rainbow.

The Bottom Line: Muppets, The Rainbow Connection and Allowing Just like Kermit, I too have allowed myself to set forth on a great adventure without always knowing exactly where the path may lead or how I would get to the next stop along the way, yet by deciding to let my dream of being a catalyst for joy for millions be stronger than any fear, opportunities continue to flow, ways continue to be made, and a powerful posse of fabulousity continues to surround me with love and music each step of the way.

Just like me, YOU too have powerful desires calling you to move onward, upward and forward, and whether you know it or not, you also have your own posse who would gladly walk by your side to play an instrumental role in seeing YOU realize your fullest potential: And no matter how different our dreams or desires may be, when it all comes down to it, it is the illuminated version of our core SELF that we find at the end of the rainbow time and time again.

Getting to see and experience a rainbow requires a very specific set of factors, including the ideal balance of contrast, light and water; but even when the ingredients of nature come together to create the physical result of a rainbow, it is still a matter of being in just the right place, at just the right time, gazing in just the right direction, to be able to perceive and ALLOW this very special experience to transpire.

So the next time you find your beautiful self catching sight of a rainbow - while standing in just the right place, at just the right time, gazing in just the right direction - remember to give yourself credit where credit is due, for in that moment, you too have made the rainbow connection.

Here’s to the lovers, the dreamers and YOU!

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