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Elect Your SELF - For a Change

Election dystopia There’s a good chance that if you live in The United States, by the time you read this article, the results of the 2020 election have since been revealed. And even if you are from another one of the great nations that populate our planet, there’s a good chance you have also had a ring-side seat to the battle for the American Presidency. This year’s election season has been utterly surreal; like a political “Tiger King” filled with so many unimaginable twists and turns that one can hardly believe this was not a work of fiction. Yet because there is SO much at stake, many people have taken every moment and every second to heart, waiting with baited breath to see whether or not “we the people” will be able to get back to “business as usual” or choose to take a step onward, upward, and forward.

So when this “Good Vibe” girl started dipping into profound sadness, utter rage, and, as a result, making myself physically sick over the political and sociological events in the past few months, I knew it was time to break the spell. Remembering… Without meaning to, I realized that I had started to buy in to the idea that someone or something else has control over me; over my thoughts, words, actions, and how I choose to live my life, which defies EVERYTHING I know to be true in my heart. So it’s no surprise that my body, mind, and spirit were doing all they could to let me know that I was focusing in a way that was truly detrimental to my well-being. Didn’t I remember that EVERY human being (including ME) has their own Point of Attraction, and will therefore suffer or thrive based on what THEY think, feel, attract, and believe?

Haven’t I seen, time and time again, that even in the WORST of mass-consciousness, global circumstance, there are always people who somehow continue to thrive physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually, no matter what the “powers that be” or the rest of the world may do?

Even when I personally have stumbled into some of the deepest, darkest recesses of dissonance, haven’t I always found a way back into the light?

Yes, it IS normal and natural for human beings with a heart and soul to react negatively to shocking words, deeds, and events, and to want to do ALL we can to create change, to make our world a better place, and to do our part to choose leadership that reflects the highest ideals… …But to give up your own personal power to then make “THEM” - leaders, outcomes, and circumstances - akin to a “God” that can make or break you (or an entire nation), is also akin to placing yourself in a cage and giving someone else the key. And I don’t know about you, but I adamantly choose to live a life of FREEDOM.

Unity, diversity, and possibility In any political game, there is a team that “wins” and a team that “loses.” One group always rejoices that “good” has won the day, while another may feel that all hope is lost. EVERY individual or associated group feels that their way is “right” and “just;” no matter what it may look like to those on the other side of the fence.

The population of the world will not now – or ever – agree on everything. We are far too diverse in our desires and intensions to ever come to utter same-ness. While I very much believe that we are all “one human family,” I also very much understand that unity will also always coexist with variety, so it is no wonder that the more we try to get “everyone” to think, believe, behave, and vote the same way, the greater dissonance we experience both personally and globally. What if the events and upheaval of 2020 – and everything we have lived so far – have escalated to help us decide, once and for all, to take back our OWN personal power and stop giving it to someone or something else? What if instead of holding a government accountable for your personal experience and quality of life, you, me, and others continued to focus, speak, and ACT in ways that move us onward, upward and forward into possibility; to PERSONALLY create a better world in the present tense, and for our children’s children?

What if regardless of the circumstances of the moment, we each opted to exercise our ability to change what we CAN, rather than stay stuck in a loop of ranting & railing against what we can’t change?

What if YOU elected to make a new choice; make a new decision, and take a step in THIS moment to make a positive change in your OWN life NOW?

And, what if we reached a point of critical mass of people taking responsibility for their own life experience, that government could take its rightful place as nothing more than a tool with the potential to be helpful, and no longer the end-all-be all that determines a nation’s destiny? The Bottom Line: Elect Your SELF – For a Change Large-scale changes may still be a long time coming, friends, but what if you, me and more people remembered that you DO have the power to change YOUR experience NOW?

No matter who wins the day or holds the baton-of-the moment, here’s to exercising true “Power to the People” by electing your SELF – for a change.

“When I see the eagle rising in the sky I remember I was meant to fly…”

~from “Remembering” ©(p)TTRH --------------------------------------------------- This article appeared in the November 2020 Issue of Transformation Coaching Magazine.

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