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A Kite, The Wind and Letting Life Flow

Slivers of allowing are ever-present

Ask and it IS given.

At times, it may not seem so obvious, but there are always answers, signs, solutions, and ideas that continue to flow; and it is always SO good to know that no matter how dark and stormy your sky may appear, there are always slivers of non-resistant time in your life that can and will allow the light to shine through.

On one particular day, I found myself heading out into the world with some very passionate prayers and intentions in my heart. Sensing the resistance in my current state of mind, I knew that chill time was very much in order. So I suited up to step outside for some rejuvenating fresh air, sunshine, and nature time, and intended to be as present as possible with the beauty that surrounded me.

Only moments after walking out the front door, I had a sudden impulse to gaze upward and then suddenly, as if perfectly on cue, a beautiful swallow-tailed kite soared only 10-15 feet above me!

As I marveled in the kite’s grace and effortless movement on the winds, it seemed to be the very embodiment of ease and flow in action. Rather than fight and struggle its way into the heavens, this amazing creature seemed as if it had been born in the air; the wind serving as its ever-present friend and ally, keeping it floating and dancing among the clouds. While I continued to delight in watching this aerial artist master its domain, it became abundantly clear that the light had indeed found its way through my “slivers,” and that answers and insights were indeed flowing at that very moment. Below are the insights that came to me and which just may add a little light to your experience this month 😊.

Embracing the wind

What if you decided to relax and allow?

What if you stopped fighting with the wind and instead decided to just let go?

What if you resolved to open your wings (heart and mind) and trust; remembering that life will always support you and those you love in whatever direction you choose to go?

What if you remembered that the core purpose of the wind is to stir things up to help move things into new places, and that every facet of its being truly can bring opportunities for good:

When the wind caresses your skin with a gentle breeze, enjoy and savor it.

When it is strong and resolute, let it fill your sails to propel you forward.

When the wind is still, use that as an opportunity to be still, yet at the same time, know that it continues to blow in other spaces and places, and that movement never ceases.

...And when it is wild, rather than fear or fight it, simply step out of its way and bring yourself to a place of calm, where you can step back far enough to appreciate its raw power and celebrate the new territory that is being shaped right before your eyes.

The Bottom Line: A Kite, the Wind and Letting Life Flow

Imagine how life could feel if, like the kite, you decided to open your arms, spread your wings, point in the direction you really want to go, and just start soaring?

Here’s to remembering that the flow of love, clarity, and knowing will always continue to move you onward, upward, and forward, and that you and I were also born in the air, destined to ride the winds 😊.

“The only way to soar is to spread your wings wide open…”

---from “Open” © 2010 TTRH

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