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Dancing to Drumming?! Terez Firewoman & John Mayeux Cinco de Mayo Show: "Conga" by Gloria Estefan!
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Dancing to Drumming?! Terez Firewoman & John Mayeux Cinco de Mayo Show: "Conga" by Gloria Estefan!

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Welcome to the Good Vibe Fire Tribe Channel! Four Ways to Thrive NOW
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Welcome to the Good Vibe Fire Tribe Channel! Four Ways to Thrive NOW

GVFT Videos

Are you a joy-seeking sensitive creative, and/or leading edge thinker who is all about seeking and sharing good vibes, allowing success, and living life on FIRE?

Take the Good Vibe Fire Tribe Quiz!

Simply answer, "yes" to any of the thoughts, ideas, activities, and philosophies that feel good to you!


  • Being a catalyst for fab-YOU-lous!
    We love to appreciate YOU and especially love the idea of helping all who are open and willing to remember their power, beauty and light!

  • Appreciating good vibe music!
    We believe love is SO much better with a great soundtrack and that music can have a MAJOR influence on your vibe!

  • Allowing success: Thinking, communicating, & acting in ways that feed greater joy, well-being, AND productivity
    We think amazing things happen when you LET good happen and act from a place of clarity, focus and excellence

  • Having conversations with thriving sensitive creatives & happy, healthy, successful peeps
    We've noticed that focusing on what IS working and studying common traits of peeps who continue to thrive feeds more of the same for ALL!

  • Mindfulness, savoring LIFE & appreciating beauty
    We love slowing down and using mindfulness to fully engage our magical senses, and especially dig tasting and sampling fab food, drink, and beauty.

  • The awesomeness of nature!
    We think nature rocks and has SO many gifts to share with all who are open and willing to receive them!

  • REALLY getting Law of Attraction
    Just like gravity and momentum, this universal law just IS. So we explore ways of working WITH it, being more awake and aware in your life (so that you can GET the messages and gifts life wants to give you), recognizing and perpetuating patterns that are more conducive to well-being, and place a strong emphasis on chilling the-f-out, having more FUN, and actually receiving & realizing more of what you TRULY desire (hence that "allowing" word we like so much!).

  • High vibe, inclusion-based spiritual and scientific ideas & practices
    We believe there are gifts to be found in ALL faiths and philosophies, so we keep our minds and hearts open, and share any data & discoveries that feed good vibes for all!

  • Using your superpowers of sensitivity & creativity for good in your world and THE world!
    Sensitive creatives have a greater capacity to experience joy, passion, and bliss than virtually ANY sector of the population, and our "outside the box" thinking, unique approach to life, and courage are THE very traits that helped humanity move from living in caves & banging rocks together (continuing to just keep doing what's always been done) to evolving mass consciousness & changing the freakin' world!

  • The sun, sunflowers, fire & color

    We use the sun in our Good Vibe Fire Tribe logo to represent life & light, and to symbolize the merging of the sunflower and fire:
    Sunflowers are beautiful, bold, badass flowers that stand tall & proud, follow the light, and that provide nourishment and new growth with their bazillion gorgeous seeds!  The typical sunflower color (yellow) is also associated with joy/happiness and is also the color of the solar plexus chakra; our seat self-empowerment and breath, our very life force.

    Fire is an ancient, powerful symbol that is associated with passion, transformation, purification, and action that brings warmth, provides light, serves as a focal point & gathering place, and is a manifestation of a magical chemical reaction between the seen and the unseen.  We also think it's kind of sexy too.

    Color affects our mood and well-being in a multitude of ways, and though we enjoy and appreciate monochomatic-oriented arts (Ansel Adams rocks!), we feel most alive when we include more than a couple of colors in the crayon box of life!

  • Travel & FUN adventures
    Our planet is freakin' amazing and there are few things that inspire greater presence, energy, joy - and actually feeling ALIVE - than exploring & meeting new spaces, places, people, and experiences!  Gypsy spirits unite!

  • Unity AND diversity
    We believe we truly are one human family, that we are all in this together, AND that life is SO much richer more fabulous the more we embrace and celebrate variety of textures, colors, and flavors that every unique human being has to offer.

  • Love
    We know for sure than when you let love lead your thoughts, words, and deeds, EVERYONE benefits - and by the way, that also and very much includes love and respect for awesome Y.O.U.

  • Bonuses, upgrades, and HAPPY surprises!
    We love it when life, the Universe, and everything surprises us with good vibe messages, symbols, repeating numbers (11:11, 222 444, etc!), gestures, and gifts, and we feel that the more we each focus upon and share evidence of the GOOD that comes our way EVERY day, while encouraging others to do the same, the everyone gets to see and experience more good vibes in their lives!


Did you answer, "Yes" to five or more of the above items? Then:



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Tribal Fire Starter & Initial Catalyst for Fab-YOU-lous

Content creator & idea machine, your sensitive creative host, tour guide & life explorer, introverted extrovert (or is it extroverted introvert?), human BEING on a journey to feel, create, share, and amplify good! vibes!



Tribal Fire Keeper & Wizard Behind the Curtain

Contributor, video & sound editor, reluctant (yet freakin' brilliant!) co-host when coerced - also with sensitive creative leanings - creative enhancement & harmony master, the one who keeps the host sane & giggling and who is a catalyst for her happiness, way remarkable (yet WAY too humble) human being with SO much talent and lots of awesomeness to share, chief engineer of



Tribal Website Goddess, Editor & (HONEST) Cheerleader

Yeah, she happens to be our daughter, but family connection aside, this girl is badass to the max and is the one responsible for all the website awesomeness you are experiencing now!  She's also an old soul who has much wisdom to share and is a great stuff-bouncer-offer-person! We fully intend to get her in front of the camera some time, but "Shhhh!" don't tell her that, or it will never happen!  



Tribal Good Vibe Fiery Peeps Tag Team of Awesomness

Course & high-vibe conversation co-creators who are also thriving sensitive creatives on a mission to transform & ignite lives via, and beyond! When WE need a spark or two to help us keep our fire lit, they are our go-to soul family fire feeders!  You'll definitely be seeing their mugs and hearing some awesome ideas from them on all platforms!



Tribal Consultant & Scorpio Soul Sista

In case you haven't noticed, your host has a lot to say, but there are only 24 hours in a day and you will probably nod off or die before you ever see, hear, or read everything that is in her brain.  Kathy, another multi-talented, thriving sensitive creative who co-authored a book with the likes of Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, is brilliant with helping your host bottom-line her crazy ideas and communicate in such a way that it makes sense and that your brain doesn't explode. She's a joy to BE with also, so you will surely see and hear her on all platforms as well!

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