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Music is the FIRE

Whether the small, subtle flame of a CANDLE,
Or the INFERNO of a million hearts on FIRE,
The hearth that WARMS your home and spirit,
Or the CATALYST that summons your wildest desires

Music can provide the SPARK
To ILLUMINATE even the darkest spaces

For it is a BEACON that has the power to speak
And BURN through illusion to the core that transcends all ages

For music is the FIRE of love in motion
And when allowed to BLAZE to its full glory and light

Behold how its sweet EMBERS can stir the soul
And see another life IGNITE!






There are two things that ignited the fire of all Terez "Firewoman" does today: Music and Love. And it was indeed her love of music that has led her to all she truly, madly, deeply values in her life.

Her mom likes to say that she started singing and creating music before she could speak, always having some kind of melody in her head and discovering new ways to express it.  If there was a dashboard, counter, or drum to bang on, a piano to noodle upon, or any type of sound-making device within reach, Terez would surely get her hands on it, and some sort of music-like (and often more noise-like <lol!>) sound would ensue. If there was music playing anywhere at any time, wild horses could not stop her from moving some part of her body, or singing or humming along.  No matter where Terez was or what she was doing, Terez heard the music playing both around and within her, so she knew that music would always have to be a part of her life - no matter what.

After spending virtually all of her grade school, high school, and many of her college years in musical theater, and later enjoying over 20+ years (and still going!) of working with several outstanding bands and musicians covering hard rock, jazz, R & B, blues, standards, old-school funk & soul, high-energy dance-pop, Latin and country music*, the original music melodies swimming in Terez's head only became more and more, and she knew she simply had to find a way to translate these ideas into tangible, playable, hearable reality.  So in approximately 2001, Terez started sitting down at a piano for extended periods, started picking up a guitar, and slowly but surely started to discover her own musical voice, which continues to evolve to this day.

There are many artists and genres that have influenced Terez Firewoman's signature writing, vocal and performance style over the years, so the best way to bottom-line her identity as an artist is to say that all she writes and presents carries with it:

  • The fire of rock-n-roll

  • The raw expressiveness of blues, R & B, and soul

  • The varied textures of jazz & international music

  • The honesty of country

  • A "good vibe" angle and empowered take on life


...And as a certain "Muppet" character would say, "Drums! Drums! DRUUUMMMS!!!"

The Bottom Line: 

Music is the air Terez Firewoman breathes, the very blood that runs through her veins, and something that permeates ALL she does.  Creative expression is her operative term and music is her instrument of choice, and to her, every book, course, workshop, retreat, speaking engagement, dance class, and ALL that she hosts or creates are just different ways to express the fire of the music in Terez Firewoman's soul :)


Songwriter/Composer/Voice-Over Artist

Composed the score (music & lyrics) for the musical, "Raising Twelve on a Nickle and a Prayer" by Fran Taylor Powers - Original music featured in radio, for organization theme song, and film: "My Holiday" in the film, "Chasing Happiness," "Welcome Change!," used as the theme song for the show, "Change Thivers," "Beautiful, Wild and Free" used as the theme song for the organization, "Big Cat Rescue" - custom jingles and voice-over samples can be found on

Vocalist/Musician/Entertainer/MC Credits

Coca-Cola (Corporate Village, Superbowl XXXV) | Walt Disney World, Orlando | Busch Gardens, Tampa | Universal Studios, FL | The Florida Aquarium | T-Mobile National Convention | Hard Rock Hotel Casino (multiple events/venues) | The Blue Martini (all Florida locations) | Women Taking Care of Music International Conference, The Palladium, St. Petersburg | Fall Transformation Festival, First Unity, St. Petersburg | Pioneer Days Concert Series, Englewood |  Healing in the Harbor Festival/Concert Series, Safety Harbor |  Yacht Starship, Tampa | Jackson's, Harbor Island | The Fox, Tampa |  First Friday Concert Series, St. Petersburg | Third Friday Concert Series, City of Safety Harbor |  Baywalk (Now known as "The Sundial" ) Concert Series, St. Petersburg |  Centro Ybor Concert Series, Tampa | Treasure Island Tennis & Yacht Club (Club TI) |  DeBartelo Development | ASI | Tina Turner, Sting, Moody Blues, Dolly Parton pre-concert parties | Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs & Conventions | The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota | The Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota | The Renaissance Vinoy, St. Petersburg |  Suncoast Solutions National Users Conference, Clearwater |  The Don CeSar, St. Petersburg | The Renaissance Marriott, International Plaza, Tampa | The Powell Crosley Mansion, Sarasota |  First Unity of St. Petersburg (Transformation publishing events) | Unity of Sarasota (Transformation publishing event) |  Mad Hatter's Charity Ball |  Night of 5000 Charity Ball | The Privateers | NFL Legand John Madden's Retirement Party, including a performance with "E-Street Band" member Nils Lofgren | Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ronde Barber's 20/20 Record-Breaking party |  The Sandpearl, Clearwater Beach | The Amazing |  Private function for the Alessi Family with Joe Lala | Multiple private functions & themed events including VIP destination concerts in Sedona, AZ, Santa Fe, NM, Asheville, NC, Kauai, HI, and more.



Our core team:
John V. Hartmann  - Gene Cannon - Mark Barrios

Our expanded live team: 

Carol Ann Mitchell -  Lonny - Joeel Rivera

Our recording team:
Tony "Saint Tone" Lavorgna - Jody Gray - Maire Egan


From the most current dance music, to jazz, rock & country, Gene is one of THE most gifted and versatile players I've ever had the joy of working with!  An outstanding musician and vocalist who thrives in ANY room, Gene has taken the stage at many major festivals, events & performed for many high-profile clients.  As the entertainment director and house musician for Caretta on the Gulf at The Sandpearl Resort & Spa, Gene is an A-list performer and leader. 

Sax, Flute, Guitar, Vocals, Recording Artist


To discover more about Gene visit


If Carlos Santana had a brother from another mother it would surely be Mark!  His ability to emulate Carlos merged with his fab funk grooves, jazz chops, and sensationally smooth vocals, makes Mark a highly sought-after artist both on stage and in the studio.  From repeat performances at the Clearwater Jazz Holiday, to large concert halls & hot spots featuring "The Mark Barrios Band" and his Santana Tribute band, "Moonflower," you would think that Mark would be elitist, but he is, by far, one of the most grounded and down to earth musicians we've had the pleasure of working with, and we're so honored to feature his Spanish guitar/Flamenco-inspired sounds on our new original song, "Gypsy Spirit!

Guitar & Vocals, Recording Artist


To discover more about Mark, visit


The term "Jack of all trades" should actually be "JOHN of all trades!" His Clarence-Clemmons and Boots Randolf-inspired sax style, combined with Ian Anderson-inspired flute, a dash of down-home, fiery harmonica, smooth clarinet add great texture and grit wherever needed.  His natural instincts for creating magic on the Native American flute, ability to jump on the keyboard or add fab vocal harmonies, and his skills with mixing and mastering in the studio truly make John our "Swiss Army Knife" who always bring that special something to a live show or recording project.

Sax, Harmonica, Flute, Keys, Back-up Vocals, Native American Flute, Clarinet, Recording Artist


To discover more about John, visit




Rather than just a typical solo act, host a true entertainment EXPERIENCE!

Keep your audience engaged with a unique blend of vocals, percussion, dance, keys, and/or acoustic guitar, with
DJ-style break music.


Terez Firewoman



Gene Cannon

| Vocals| Sax | Flute | Guitar |

John V. Hartmann

| Sax | Flute | Harmonica |

Mark Barrios

| Vocals | Guitar |

Terez Firewoman

on vocals, congas

Bring the energy, power and connecting power of live drums to your next event or venue! 

Unlike a typical boring team-building activity, facilitated drum circles encourage listening, cooperation & are a fabulous stress hack for teams & groups - not to mention energizing and extremely fun!

Live Drums & Drum Circles

Keep your group movin' and groovin' & acknowledge your VIPs, award recipients, or guest of honor to the MAX with a high-energy, good vibe DJ/MC, live vocals, 

group dances like the

Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Wobble, & more!


Terez Firewoman

Good vibe music can make a powerful impression on participants & create emotional "anchors" that they associate with YOUR brand and experience!


License one of our songs & make a powerful impression!

License our Music for Event or Campaign

Let us bring a fully customized dance or fitness class to your group, center, girl's night, or bachelorette party!  Learn bellydance/Middle Eastern dance, Latin styles, hip-hip, Bollywood, Bhangra & Burlesque-inspired moves!  Outrageouly fun & a great workout!

Take an online class HERE!

Customized Dance/Fitness Classes

+ your choice of 1:


Gene Cannon

| Vocals| Sax | Flute | Guitar |

John V. Hartmann

| Sax | Flute | Harmonica |

Mark Barrios

| Vocals | Guitar |

Terez Firewoman on vocals & congas

Life, fabulous brands, movements & milestones are always SO much better and more memorable with a great soundtrack! 

Contact us to find out how we can add the "WOW!" with custom music!

You Deserve a Theme Song!

Good vibes from the dawn of time: A celebration of music & artists igniting love, peace, happiness & passion from the first beat of the drum - to today.

Featuring the power of drums, the music of Terez Firewoman, selections from John Hartmann, and top artists from the 1920s to the 21st century!

Show: Eternal Fire

Show debuts 11/9/19!

+ your choice of 2:


Gene Cannon

| Vocals| Sax | Flute | Guitar |

John V. Hartmann

| Sax | Flute | Harmonica |

Mark Barrios

| Vocals | Guitar |

Terez Firewoman on vocals & congas

Add polish and professionalism to your next audio book, podcast, YouTube video series, radio show, brand, ad campaign or special event!  Visit our studio page for samples of how we can help you add steam to YOUR dreams! 

Jingle/Voice-Over Package

Visit our calendar page
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Drum Events

Dance Events

Empowerment Events

Social Events & Beyond!


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