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FREE Law of Love Attraction International Online 


Experiences Anchor

But first...


Join an international panel of experts for a powerful and FREE online event that will share tips, tools, techniques and MORE for letting LOVE happen!

Subject matter experts will cover:

  • The Power of Feminine energy

  • Thriving Sexuality

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Effective Dating Skills

  • Attract and Allow True Love (advanced Law of Attraction)

  • And SO much more!

If you are ready to celebrate your fabulous SELF and experience the joy of LIFE with your TRUE LOVE by your side, register TODAY! 

About the Virtual Retreat...

Join Me on Dec. 20

Event begins at 9 AM PST;  12 noon EST  and 5 PM GMT and runs for approximately 5 hours. My session is the CLOSING KEYNOTE & SONG!

Already attended? Great!

1. Allowing True Love! Daily Success Sheet
2. MP3 of "Remembering" (the song I performed during the retreat)

3...and more!


Fantabulous! Check your email.

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