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The Challenge -- The Story of Your Day On FIRE!™ - What It Is – When and How to Use - Why it Works – Who: About Your Team & Talent – What You Receive – Our Guarantee – How Much Does it Cost – The Bottom Line

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Hello and welcome!

First of all, thank you for taking a moment out of your very precious and valuable life to visit this page!

Chances are if you’ve found your way here, you are open and willing to experience more clarity, focus, joy, and success in your life – and for that we’d like to say, “Yaaaay!!!!!” You may not realize this, but each and every time ANY individual chooses to have the courage to thrive, allow success & truly live life on FIRE, it positively impacts everyone in YOUR world – and THE world - in more ways than you could even begin to imagine!


The Challenge For Humanity – especially now:
With fear and doubt running rampant and bombarding us from all directions, sometimes it can be quite the task to hold on to your well-being, joy, and sense of purpose – and if you add personal challenges & a harsh or fearful inner monologue on top of all that, feeling good at all can seem like a mega-uphill battle for ANYONE... 

…But, if you consider yourself to be a sensitive-creative - a human being who feels and processes life with far greater depth and intensity than the “average” person - getting your Mojo back and KEEPING it intact can seem downright impossible at times.  But here’s the VERY good news:

Because sensitive creatives are also POWERFUL CREATORS who can summon emotion and passion with such speed and ease, THE moment you channel this power in the direction of solutions and possibilities, others marvel in awe at your ability to turn things around and manifest seemingly magical and “impossible” things in record time!


The Story:
Terez’s story & the contrast that inspired the creation of Your Day On FIRE!™
As a fellow sensitive-creative who has had my share of challenges in life, I’ve made it my mission to do whatever it takes to remember the power, beauty, and gifts that reside within me, and to share what I’ve discovered with all who are open and willing to feel better now.  But even after living life and helping others discover their own paths to greater joy and alignment through my work as an author, teacher, and facilitator in the self-empowerment arena for close to two decades, when major s#*t hits the fan, I know firsthand that it can take every ounce of energy to find your way back to the light and to your true self.

After experiencing 3 deaths of people close to me, including spending extended time in hospitals that involved multiple 3-hour drives each way, having a falling out with another family member, having my work flow completely shift, and experiencing some major health challenges – all in just over a year’s time, I knew that if I was to be able to continue the work I love and recover my joy, I HAD to find a way to shift the momentum of my thoughts, feelings and actions.

First, I did whatever I could to create space for more calm and quiet time – time that belonged solely to me that allowed me to be in spaces and places that nourished my body, mind and spirit (---link to Human-Nature Monday---) while at the same time, doing simple things like drinking more water, eating more regularly, moving, walking & EXERCISING as much as possible, and resting any time my body called for it.

Next, even with my crazy schedule, I created a regular practice of giving myself 5 minutes to focus upon  thoughts, ideas, and intentions that helped me remember what I knew in my heart – a practice I later started to film that evolved into a series called “Good Vibe in Five” that is available on our “Good Vibe Fire Tribe” YouTube Channel ---insert link here---

From there, I started focusing on “unconditional” aspects and ideas – truths that felt solid, steady, and unchanging in my life ( – link to “Rock Solid…” article - ) and from there, I actually started to move from merely surviving to THRIVING, and to even dreaming to consider what could be next.

Ah… but life still continued. 

There were times when I had to be able to wake up and head out the door or jump on the phone to address urgent things for my family, and with the unpredictable nature of this adventure, it was starting to get far too easy to let my morning routine slide.  But because I had fought long and hard to restore my well-being, I was determined to keep my good Mojo flowing somehow, but I knew I needed a tool that was streamlined and easy and that could “get the job done” even when I only had minutes to myself before running out the door.


As I contemplated this thought, some ideas occurred to me:

What if I could incorporate ALL the core aspects of the things that have been supporting my well-being in the present moment, along with triggering my mind and heart to focus and move onward, upward, and forward (to realizing the dreams and visions that truly mattered to me) - into a single tool?

What if before a barrage of less-than-fabulous thoughts came rushing in, I could infuse my mind & heart with well-being upon waking, and start my day from a place of clarity and stability?

What if this was something that could be portable; something that I could even revisit throughout the day, any time I needed a boost or reminder of what is real, who I truly AM, and the GOOD I am creating?

What if this tool was also something that spoke SPECIFICALLY to me – something that could incorporate MY own ideas and MY own words, rather than something pre-packaged or generic, that would allow me to channel my superpowers of focus and passion in powerful, positive, productive ways?

Enter: Your Day On FIRE!™


The WHAT: More About Your Day On FIRE!™

Your Day On FIRE!™ is a fully personalized audio tool that is designed to help you:

Create a clean slate, reset your vibe, and establish new mental/emotional patterns, while opening you up to greater serenity, well-being, and productivity IMMEDIATELY

Naturally trigger greater serenity, happiness, and confidence with a specially designed template that incorporates YOUR words and experiences

Upgrade your beliefs naturally using TRUTH and tangible evidence

Remember the power you HAVE, open your flow, and KEEP it open

Find an easy, immediate, portable, “GO-TO” when you need to refocus, get your Mojo back, or “get in the zone” before an important meeting, interaction, or experience

Infuse your body and mind with energy as needed

Keep your dreams, visions, and the things that truly matter at “top of mind,” so that you channel your thoughts, actions, and energies in ways that maximize productivity and keep you moving onward, upward and forward

Become and BE more open, willing, and READY to embrace your personal evolution and actually RECEIVE the good you’ve been asking for!


When and How to use Your Day On FIRE!™ Tool:

THE best application of Your Day On FIRE!™ is first thing in the morning, as soon as you become conscious, and BEFORE other thoughts have a chance to start rolling in. 

Keep an audio device of some kind next to your bed so you can simply press “play” the moment you awaken.

Simply breathe, listen and enjoy, or take things a step further by visualizing/sensualizing what you here to allow for even greater presence, focus, power AND joy!

It’s also awesome to play your Day on FIRE! audio while:

-Making the bed

-Brushing your teeth

-Getting ready: Putting on makeup/shaving/getting dressed

-Doing morning stretches, yoga, movement/etc.

-Walking, running or working out

- Preparing breakfast – or ANY meal

-Cleaning or doing laundry

-Driving – ANY time

à Just prior to an important meeting, date, test, presentation, experience, or interaction

à Taking a recharge/reset break at work

à Before or during travel

And ANY time you want to feel better, have more clarity, or feed energy, good vibes, and confidence

The only time we do not recommend listening to Your Day On FIRE!™ is just before bed, as it tends to be energizing and mentally stimulating. BUT, since everyone is different, we encourage you to experiment to discover what works best for YOU.


…And by the way: There’s NO special equipment needed. We simply send your completed audio file via e-mail, so all you have to do is click and play via your device of choice!  And, of course, because you own the file, feel free to upload Your Day On FIRE!™ audio to as many devices or media as you like.  We want it to be SUPER easy to be able to access it any time the mood strikes!

Why It Works:
What makes Your Day On FIRE!™ so unique, special, AND powerful?

à Rather than just using a generic script and words/ideas that you may or may not subscribe to or resonate with, once you order Your Day On FIRE!™ audio, we send over a feel-good form that is all about YOUR personal preferences for words, ideas, music, and more!

à Because of the love and intentionality behind the creation of your form (and EVERY step of the journey), the very process of filling out this form, in and of itself, is a catalyst for good vibes & happiness that sets positive wheels in motion IMMEDIATELY.

…AND the moment you complete the form, you have access to a BONUS written tool you can use NOW to start experiencing benefits ASAP! 

Suggestions for using your feel-good form for maximum benefit will accompany your form upon starting the process!

à Before we even begin the process, we create each and every Your Day On FIRE!™ from a space of love (AKA: Clarity, focus, and excellence), and set very clear and specific intentions in motion to allow the ideal flow & format of your information to best ignite YOUR light.

à For us, it truly IS all about YOU.  You get built-in cheerleaders, fans, and a mastermind tag-team from the get-go, because from the moment the process begins, we focus on YOU thriving and visualize you realizing your dreams and intentions J! 

Since we have, first-hand, experienced the incredible power, peace, love, (and manifestations!) that have come from times of knowing that others were actively rooting for US & focusing/praying on our behalf, we loved the idea of “paying it forward” by projecting that same love & focus in YOUR direction.

…So we truly are with you, every step of the way!


About your production team

In addition to the love, intention, and creativity that goes into creating Your Day On FIRE!™, you can delight in the fact that your audio is professionally scripted, recorded, mixed, and mastered in-house with passion by top-tier talent:

Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann is a singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, lyricist, published author, professional speaker, content & course creator (specializing in Law of Attraction and Allowing Success --- link to course page ---), retreat facilitator, YouTube Channel host (link to GVFT), monthly contributing writer for Transformation Coaching Magazine since 2012 (link to magazine), professional vocalist (for over 25 years), multi-instrumentalist, and professional voice-over artist who has created music and voice work for jingles, film, radio, audio books, and the full-length original musical by Fran Taylor Powers, Raising Twelve…(link to 12).   

CLICK HERE for music and voice-over samples (link to The Creativity Express)
CLICK HERE for Terez bio and additional credentials

John “The Harmony Master” Hartmann is the wizard behind the curtain who helps bring Terez’s bazillion ideas and creations to life.  He is the “conductor” and head engineer of and has recorded, mixed, and mastered music and voice work for jingles, film, radio, audio books, and the full-length musical, Raising Twelve… (link to musical). John is also a multi-instrumentalist who has contributed his many musical talents (sax, flute, harmonica, Native American flute, keys, and more) to virtually every audio project.

CLICK HERE to learn more about John and hear samples of his work

Note that we are VERY picky about the rhythm and flow of your voice message in relationship to the music (Terez is a percussionist and EVERYTHING starts with rhythm & beat!), and take great care to ensure the beginning, overall flow, and ending sound great and FEEL right on.

AND we always like to allow for what we call “beautiful bonuses, awesome upgrades, and sensational, happy surprises!” 

John often feels compelled to tweak/customize your music in special ways, and Terez has drawn much (if not ALL) of her work from inspiration and is highly intuitive.  During both the script-writing and recording process, Terez always allows for the flow of real-time inspiration, as it truly rocks HER world to get to be a catalyst for igniting YOUR fire of joy even higher J.


So here’s what you get:

1. A bonus tool you can use IMMEDIATELY to start feeding greater serenity and joy

2. Cheerleaders and mastermind partners who focus on YOU thriving and visualize YOUR joy and success throughout the process!

3. A fully customized, one-of-a-kind end product filled with truths and evidence, using YOUR words, ideas, preferred music vibe/etc.

4. Real-time, inspired & intuitive guidance and ideas to add bonuses, upgrades, and happy surprises to your already awesome creation!

5. Unlimited downloads to all your devices.

6. No nitpicking about going over time or hours - we charge a flat rate for your project, period.

7. One of THE most powerful, convenient, immediate vibe-shifting, joy-producing tools you have ever experienced and on that note…

Our guarantee:
We want to ensure you are blown away and inspired by Your Day On FIRE!™ and will accept nothing less – and neither should you, so we will continue to do whatever it takes to make it so!

Now for THE Question <drum roll> How Much?
If you’ve read the info above, you can clearly see that this is NOT a five second project or assembly line item.  This is a true work of art, love, inspiration, passion, focus, and TIME by two professionals who love what they do and who know what they’re doing.

If a client had contracted us to create something like this from scratch, by the time we crunched the numbers and looked at billable hours for:

Creating a fully customized script: $500
Intuitive guidance and mastermind focus throughout the process: $250
Specialized voice over talent fee: $400
Recording time: $140
Create customized version of music piece to fit specific timing and flow: $200
Professional mixing: $350 +
Mastering time: $100

= $1940+


…Because we’d like to make this creation accessible to more people who can start benefitting from it now – especially fellow sensitive creatives who can really use a lift during these very intense, challenging times - here’s what we’re willing to offer for this incredibly powerful tool:

= ONLY $497!

If you place your order before 8/31/19, you invest:

= ONLY $397!

AND Receive TWO very powerful BONUSES:
1. FULL ACCESS to one of our top-selling, life-changing courses:
The Law of Attraction & Allowing YOUR Success MASTER CLASS!

Whether you are new to the ideas of Law of Attraction and Allowing, or have read and studied these subjects extensively, you will discover leading-edge ideas, insights, and tools in this course that are unique and truly paradigm-shifting.

WHY master the Law of Attraction and Allowing? Understanding the Law of Attraction and how to ALLOW good to flow means understanding and thriving in LIFE. The Law of Attraction is not a fad-diet-of-the-week that will fade away when the next coolest-latest-whatever shows up, it is the LAW that has, is and always will govern every particle (and non-particle) in the universe… and IS the true “cause and effect” that many have been searching for but few have TRULY understood.

Whether you want to:

-Be and feel healthier

-Attract, allow and enjoy fabulous, feel-good relationships

-Let brilliant ideas and creativity to flow

-Land great new digs (AKA inhabit your ideal home)

-Prosper in a career you truly love

-Find solutions faster

-Master a subject, ability, or skill that’s been calling you

-See your dreams & visions come to fruition

…or are simply looking to feel even a wee bit happily-ever-after NOW, discovering how to make the Law of Attraction your BFF and LET good happen is your ticket to success in ANY area of life, because… well… it IS life.

In this course, you will delve into what the Law of Attraction (LOA) REALLY is, how it actually works, and how to master this power to transform your life.

àOver 7 hours of material
àFacilitated by three top-rated instructors
àIncludes the science and psychology of LOA and Allowing
àIncludes a full printable workbook with ALL key points, tools, and insights
àOver 1100 students from over 72 countries enrolled
àA  powerful blueprint for truly living Life on FIRE!

…And if this were not already fabulous enough, you ALSO receive:

2. An ALL-ACCESS PASS to our VIP Allowing YOUR Success! Facebook Group Coaching Community!

àA powerful group coaching program designed to support you on your journey of experiencing CONSISTENT well-being, happiness, and success by:

1. Putting the ideas, insights, and the tools you've discovered into practice so you can experience ever-increasing benefits and results!

2. Facilitating "accountability" & virtual applause!!
We humans are FAR more likely to follow through when we have a "focal point" and/or get to "check in" with a group/person who LOVE to celebrate with you every step of the way!

3. Providing monthly challenges AND weekly check-ins & focal points

4. Reminding each other that we are ALL in this together and you are meant to have FUN and ENJOY these beautiful trips around the sun!

5. Direct access to & regular interaction with coach-facilitator Terez Firewoman.

A $300/YR value!!!


So here’s the bottom line: If you place your order before 8/31/19, you receive:

1. A mega-discounted rate of only $397!

2. A bonus tool you can use IMMEDIATELY (your carefully crafted feel-good form) to start feeding greater serenity and joy NOW.

3. Cheerleaders and mastermind partners who focus on YOU thriving and visualize YOUR joy and success throughout the process!

4. A fully customized, one-of-a-kind end product filled with truths and evidence, using YOUR words, ideas, preferred music vibe/etc.

5. Real-time, inspired guidance and ideas to add bonuses, upgrades, and happy surprises to your already awesome creation!

6. Unlimited downloads to all your devices.

7. No nitpicking about going over time or hours - we charge a flat rate for your project, period.

8. One of THE most powerful, convenient, immediate vibe-shifting, joy-producing tools you have ever experienced.

9. An ALL-ACCESS PASS to our Law of Attraction & Allowing Your Success Master Class with over 7 hours of material! $147 value!!

10. An ALL-ACCESS PASS to our VIP Allowing YOUR Success! Facebook Group Coaching Community! $300/per year value!

= $2387 Value for ONLY $397!!!!


Thank you for choosing to visit this page! 

We’d be honored and thrilled to start creating Your Day On FIRE!™ today, and in the meantime, wish you a LIFE filled with beautiful bonuses, awesome upgrades, and sensational, happy surprises!

Here’s to Allowing YOUR Success and to living LIFE on Fire!

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